Kickbox Klub KOSAGYM

Kickboxing is a very versatile and diverse sport and KOSAGYM is a modern martial arts club focused on all the routes, which emerged from kickboxing. We offer not only competition form , but also the concept of recreational sport under the guidance of professional coaches.

KOSAGYM has been established in 2003 by Mgr. Pavel Dvorščík and Mgr. Petr Kotik – trainers who are kickboxing leaders in the Czech Republic and are multiple champions of the world.

Club is currently based Prague  – Horni Pocernice, working with many other top trainers. During our training sessions, all coaches try to pass on their experience to children and adults, men and women. Intensity of training you choose ourselves, our classes are designed for beginners and advanced, for both contact and non-contact method of training. Come to us to work out, we look forward to meeting you !


Name: Kickbox klub, z.s.
Address: Stverakova 2777/22, Prague 20, 193 00
ID: 266 22 441
Bank Account nr.: 2000454028/2010

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